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COUNCIL COLUMN – 14 September 2021

Sep 14, 2021

For Immediate Release 14 September 2021
Authorised by Councillor Rita O’Connor

Being in local government is interesting, often unpredictable but a wonderful opportunity to try to serve the community. It is difficult making decisions that are in the best interests of the whole community and it’s easy to get it wrong. Sometimes the importance of an issue gets lost in the debate and it’s only when you stop and reflect on the decisions you made that you see the whole picture.

This was the case with the rescission motion that prompted the Extraordinary Council Meeting held last Wednesday. I sincerely apologise to the community that I wasn’t alert and confident enough to have the vigorous debate that last minute amendments to the LEP should have had. I thank each of the 50 or so rate payers who emailed, wrote letters or rang to explain their point of view about the amendments. The wonderful thing about democracy is that we all have the opportunity to participate and voice our opinions and I urge all members of our community to engage in the local issues. True representation of the community’s wishes can only happen when we Councillors are apprised of those wishes. Open and transparent communication are vital for this.

As we head towards the new Council elections on the 4th December I urge all constituents to think about what they feel is important and then think critically about what type of Councillors can best deliver those results. Good local representation is so important to try to achieve the quality of life we want. It has never been more important than now, during this pandemic, where people are relocating to try to have a healthier, better quality life. Stay safe everyone.

Councillor Rita O’Connor