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Mar 14, 2023

For Immediate Release 14 March 2023
Authorised by Councillor Brian Ingram

As I drove around this morning, Monday 13 March, it is easy to see why the heavy rain has such an impact on our roads. The table drains are full of grass/ rubbish and the water has nowhere else to go. I can only hope that some of the funding that Council has received to repair our roads is spent in this area.

Some big decisions need to be made by our Council in the coming months, first and foremost Council will need to set a budget. It is quite concerning that we are in the middle of March and there has not been a mention of a budget preparation workshop for Councillors. I believe the discussions when they do eventuate will help explain to fellow Councillors just how serious our financial position is.

Another matter up for discussion will be a motion to have an Independent Business Case undertaken so it can be determined how or why the amalgamated Council has failed, both on a financial and social basis.

Here we are seven years after amalgamation and we still have an information technology system that we can’t utilise fully or properly. This is evident by the complaints that I receive that we don’t appear to have or operate a customer service. Simply having a policy does not supply the service.

The State election looms very near and if there were to be a change in government you can be assured that the Labor Government will have a much more sympathetic ear when it comes to communities wishing to undo these forced amalgamations.

If you, the community, are like me and feel that there has been a significant drop in the service levels being provided across the board to our community combined with the fear of a 70% to 80% increase in your rates you need to let the Councillors voting against that motion and denying you a voice know just that.

The Hilltops Council (beautiful or not) is simply not sustainable.
Brian Ingram