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Councillor Column – 19 July 2022

Jul 20, 2022

For Immediate Release 19 July 2022
Authorised by Councillor Mary Dodd

What’s Your Superpower?

Is it resilience? Kindness? Determination? The ability to spend time with small children while doing a million other things? Understanding numbers and accounts? Listening?

Recently I attended the 2022 Australian Local Government Women’s Association conference where this was the theme. Councillors and council staff from across NSW, mostly women, met to be encouraged and educated in their journey of serving the public. The Deputy Secretary, Cities and Active Transport, Kiersten Fishburn, had a family maxim that “to be a servant of the public is the most honourable thing you can do”.

Inspiring stories from retired NSW Police Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace and Jana Pittman – athlete, doctor, mother, author – spoke of making the most of every opportunity, being authentic and being determined.

We were reminded that thinking differently is a strength and that being willing to ask questions can be a powerful way forward in many situations. Deb Wallace’s stories from her time in western Sydney police stations to her rise to the top busting criminal gangs, showed her pioneering spirit, her integrity, her humour and a strong sense of style!

We were reminded that we need to focus our efforts, decide the areas we wish to concentrate on and then be willing to say ‘no’ to anything that will not support that.

“Fear simply means opportunity. Everyone has it, it’s what you do with it! Accept it’s normal.”

Is there an opportunity you could be taking? Something you could be doing for yourself, your family, your community, your career? Be brave!

Councillor Mary Dodd