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Councillor Column – 5 April 2022

Apr 5, 2022

For Immediate Release 5 April 2022
Authorised by Mayor Margaret Roles

March was a busy month in Hilltops with Off the Beaten Track leading the way and Harmony Day.

celebrations including a gala dinner attended by our Deputy Mayor Alison Foreman, Councillor Mary Dodd, and several staff members. It was an event that celebrated all the people, regardless of age, race or ability, and cultures that live in our Hilltops.

A further celebration of our culturally diverse community took place on Wednesday, 23rd March, when six residents of Hilltops became Australian Citizens – we welcome all to our region.

The Senior’s Festival was a celebration of another age group with the theme – it’s time to reconnect. Where would we be without seniors? Community organisations rely heavily on the voluntary work of seniors who give so freely of their time adding always to the social capital of our Hilltops.

The Hilltops Seniors Expo was an opportunity to connect with many of our Community Service stakeholders – a platform of public, private, voluntary, allied health facilities & practitioners – who provided information, education, and important support network contacts to interested patrons of all ages. The morning was a great success and many were the reconnections made over morning tea.

Where would we also be without our young people? They are our future and we are very fortunate to have such an engaged and active Hilltops Youth Action Group (HYAG).

In April, the first major event will be Youth Week – when young people have the opportunity to share ideas and have their voices heard on issues of concern to them. Across Hilltops, HYAG has been busy organising events from 10th April through to 21st April. These include a multicultural Street Party in both Boorowa and Harden and the Madd Youth Show in Young.

Where would we be without the middle bracket (26-60) age group I hear you say! This is the group that provides the energy behind many sporting and volunteer groups. One of these groups is the RFS and it was a privilege to join Jugiong RFS at their medal ceremony and truck change over last Saturday.

Where would we be without the spirit of sharing and giving that is at the core of our life in our beautiful Hilltops? May we all reconnect and celebrate the warmth and depth of our Hilltops community.

Mayor Margaret Roles