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Pre lodgement Advice from Council

Seeking advice from Council prior to submitting an application can assist in identifying shortfalls in lodgement requirements, increase knowledge of planning controls and reduce delays.

The submission of inadequate information, a lack of knowledge about the planning process and incomplete knowledge of Council’s controls can often lead to lengthy and frustrating delays in development applications being assessed.

Council will generally provide only two opportunities to supply information or redesign proposals to meet planning controls before making a determination on the application.  Therefore, seeking pre-lodgement advice can be useful in avoiding delays, unnecessary costs or refusal of consent.

Council’s development staff are available from 9:00am-11:00am to answer enquiries either by phone or at the counter.  Outside of these times an appointment is necessary as staff are assessing applications and disruption can result in delays to other applications.

Staff will be able to provide basic development advice about the information required to be submitted with an application, Council’s planning controls as well as exempt and complying development over the phone or at the counter.

For more complicated enquiries such as for small scale residential development and minor business applications, such as change of use, an appointment for a meeting is required. 


What to bring for Pre Lodgement Meeting

When making a booking for a meeting please provide accurate property details and a summary of the proposal to allow Council staff to come to the meeting well researched in order to provide accurate and concise information.  It is requested that the following be prepared prior to the meeting:

  • Preliminary plans;
  • A knowledge of the local applicable controls contained in the Local Environmental Plan and Development Control Plan (contact Council for copies);
  • Questions that require answering.

More complex proposals may require a formal pre-lodgement consultation meeting.  A pre-lodgement consultation meeting is recommended for all medium or large scale developments or developments that may not be in compliance with Council’s planning controls.

A pre-lodgement consultation meeting can assist in highlighting and working through issues with the development but will not take the place of a full planning assessment and no guarantees of development consent being granting can be given or expected.

A pre-lodgement consultation meeting will however provide:

  • Information about what reports, plans, drawings and information will need to be provided at lodgement;
  • An appreciation of the issues that are likely to cause delays;
  • Knowledge of the relevant controls, policies and development standards that may apply to the proposal;
  • An opportunity to meet with planning and other technical staff as relevant to the development.

Written confirmation of the issues raised and outcomes of the meeting will be provided after the meeting.

Please be aware that staff are not able to provide on the spot assessment advice nor are they able to write documents, draw plans or provide legal advice.