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Pool Owner’s Responsibilities

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When owning and operating a home pool or spa, you are responsible for providing a safe and clean environment for everyone who uses it.

The biggest concern for pool owners is children and it is encouraged you keep the following safety questions in mind;

Do you have a First Aid Certificate?

  1. Is there regular maintenance and upkeep of the pool?
  2. Do you understand what to do in an aquatic event such as lack of water clarity or chemical imbalances?
  3. Do you have procedures you’re familiar with in case of a major emergency such as a drowning or injury or possibly a large chemical spill?
  4. Do you have necessary rescue equipment easily accessible?
  5. Have you provided leakage protection to all power outlets or main circuits?
  6. Do you know and understand how to maintain and test your pool’s water quality?

Be aware that pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and other parasites can thrive in your home pool or spa unless you have the appropriate control measures in place.

Everyone who swims in your pool, usually your friends and family, are all at risk of being infected through wounds, ingestion, inhalation and cuts on their skin whilst swimming.