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First formal step underway for the draft Hilltops Local Environmental Plan

Nov 8, 2020

At their Ordinary Meeting of 28 October 2020, Hilltops Council took their first formal step in preparing a single Hilltops Local Environmental Plan (LEP). At its meeting, Council endorsed the progression of a draft Hilltops LEP and associated justification to the State Government for their review.  This will start the ‘Gateway’ assessment and determination process, a major step towards progressing the Hilltops LEP towards public consultation and completion in 2021.
The aims of the draft Hilltop LEP are to:
• provide consistent planning controls across the whole of the Hilltops Local Government Area.
• progress the short term strategic objectives established within Hilltops 2040, the Local Strategic Planning Statement for Hilltops; and
• ensure the document is consistent with the latest State Government planning legislation and policy.Council has requested that a Gateway Determination be granted by the State government prior to the end of 2020 to allow sufficient time for public consultation and finalisation prior to the next local government elections in September 2021.

Subject to the timing of the Gateway determination from the State, public exhibition is proposed to commence in March 2021.

During the public exhibition period Council is committed to undertake an extensive consultation program, engaging with the community, stakeholders and government agencies seeking their feedback on the draft Hilltops LEP.

After public consultation, all submissions received will be reviewed and inform the development of a finalised Hilltops LEP.  It is proposed that this will be presented to Council in mid 2021 for final endorsement.  Subject to endorsement, the finalised document will then be sent to the State Government and Minister of Planning and Public Spaces for the Hilltops LEP to be made.

“This is a significant step in progressing the proposed Hilltops Local Environmental Plan. Council will continue to work closely with the State Government to get an LEP that’s right for the entire Hilltops local government area,” said Hilltops General Manger Anthony O’Reilly.

“After receiving the Gateway Determination from the State Government, Council looks forward to discussing the draft Hilltops LEP in more detail with Hilltops residents and businesses and gaining their feedback on the LEP in the new year,” he concluded.

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