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General Manager Recruitment Underway

May 31, 2018

General Manager Recruitment Underway

Hilltops Council has engaged a recruitment firm to assist with the hiring of a new General Manager and it is hoped that the new GM will commence within the next few months.

“We have engaged specialist executive recruiters to assist us in finding the best person for the job,” shared Mayor Ingram.

“We have been fortunate to have David Aber in the acting GM role as we seek to recruit a new General Manager.”

Concerns were raised in the media last week regarding the Acting General Managers current contract and his authority in the role.

“We have sought further advice from the Office of Local Government New South Wales and we have been assured that at no point was David acting without authority. There was a contract in place, and this contract provided him full delegation responsibilities,” shared Mayor Ingram.

“The mistake I made, which I have taken full ownership for, is that I did not put the approval I had from Council to sign a contract with David Aber to continue in the role of acting General Manager for a period of between 3 to 12 months whilst Council recruited a new GM into a resolution and have it minuted. As stated there has always been a valid contract in place.”

“As soon as I was aware of the error I sought to have it rectified in an open Council meeting when typically matters regarding the General Managers contract are dealt with in closed Council- I have nothing to hide,” shared Mayor Ingram.

“I am upset and disturbed by the way in which this situation has been portrayed in the media and I want it made clear that at no time was there any legal risk to the Council or community.”

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