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Hilltops Council development services online

Apr 1, 2020

To ensure continuation of development services, landowners and development industries in the Hilltops area can now submit their development application (DA) online – anywhere, anytime through the DA lodgement service offered by Service NSW.
To submit your application online it’s as simple as registering an account with ServiceNSW then all you need to do is log in to the DA Online Portal to complete your application.

Once all documentation is uploaded and the application complete, it is then sent through the DA Online Portal to Council, where Council is then notified and begins the assessment process. You can track the progress of your application via the portal.

This is a step by step application process where customers can ensure that all the necessary information is uploaded with the aim of a faster determination of applications. Customers no longer need to print multiple copies of their application or visit Council to lodge their application.

It is important to note that the DA Online Portal is managed and maintained by ServiceNSW.  Any questions relating to the application submission process you will need to contact ServiceNSW.  The portal is an online ‘customer service’ process, it is not an assessment tool and acceptance of your application via the portal is not to be considered as an approved development application. You will be contacted by Council regarding the determination of your development application.

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