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Hilltops launch Recycle Right campaign

Jul 30, 2019

Hilltops residents are being encouraged to Recycle Right and update their recycling habits.

Although it is acknowledged the majority of residents within the Hilltops region are recycling correctly, contamination still remains an ongoing issue.

The new regional recycling campaign Recycle Right, launched recently by the Canberra Region Joint Organisation and its member councils, is designed to clear up any confusion and lead to better recycling practices.

Contaminated recycling may be sent to landfill if it is too heavily contaminated. It is harder to sell on domestic and international markets, may contribute to stockpiling on site and can create serious safety issues for staff.

In the wake of changes in the global recycling industry it also aims to simplify recycling messages, highlight recent changes and support the Australian Government’s call for movement towards a circular economy.

The campaign outlines new simple recycling routines to help us Recycle Right and ensure the material in our yellow bins continues to be recycled.

The campaign identifies six Recycle Right messages below for using your yellow lid recycling bin:

  • Keep it simple: Only recycle paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and containers.
  • Keep out soft plastics: This includes all plastic bags, even if they have a recycling symbol, are degradable or compostable, and other soft plastics including cling wrap, chip packets and bread bags.
  • Keep out small items: Any items smaller than a credit card. All plastic lids now need to be removed from bottles and those smaller than a credit card put in your landfill bin.
  • Keep it Safe: Keep out strapping, hose, netting, wires, building materials and other hazardous materials.
  • Keep it Clean: wipe or rinse any excess food and drink from all bottles, containers and tins before placing them in your recycling bin. Keep out food scraps, nappies and soiled paper
  • Keep it Loose: put each item into your yellow recycling bin separately, don’t bag, box or contain your recyclable items.

The campaign has been supported by the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

If you would like further information on waste and recycling visit the Hilltops Council website or contact Council on 1300 445 586.

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