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Historical Armaments Allowed in Hilltops

Jun 29, 2018

The Goldfields Re-enactment Group have been granted permission to use historical theatrical firearms during their re-enactments within the Hilltops Local Government Area.

The Goldfields Re-enactment Group provides theatrical re-enactments of the gold rush era, specifically police/troopers searching for bush rangers. The group undertake this on horseback and shoot theatrical armaments as part of their show. The Goldfields Reenactment groups have been providing services to a number of Hilltops Council events for some time. They have entertained crowds at the Sargent Parry Festival, the Cherry Festival, the Irish Woolfest, Australia Day and ANZAC Day.

The Groups approached Council seeking to change the name of the license holder after being advised by the NSW Firearms Registry that Council permission is now required for them to operate within the Hilltops Local Government Area.

Mayor Brian Ingram was supportive of the decision saying “Council granted permission for this group to carry out their activities as we believe that without these performances the community events hosted by Hilltops Council would be less diverse and an important part of our heritage would not be re-enacted. The group have highly trained horses who are able to cope with the activities the group undertake without the horses rearing up or becoming flighty. This means that the public are not put at risk at any time during a performance.  The Goldfields Re-enactment Group provides a service which is highly appreciated and provides an authentic historical experience for the Hilltops Council and its visitors and community”

The weapons used by The Goldfields Re-enactment Group are for theatrical purposes only and do not fire real bullets.

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