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More Entrants Wanted for King/Queen Competition

May 7, 2021

The National Cherry Festival committee has welcomed its first entrant in the 2021 Cherry King and Queen Competition and are inviting more Hilltops region residents to join in the fun.

Trudi Summerfield has finalised her application and will be planning activities to raise funds for PCYC – Young.

President of the National Cherry Festival Committee, Caitlin Sheehan, said “it’s great to see an entrant come forward earlier then we have in previous years, I’m excited to see how many entrants we can find.”
She said it was desirable for a couple more entrants to also take part this year.

“Men and women aged 18 and over living within the Hilltops Region can be a part of the competition. Sporting bodies, community organisations, businesses, if there is someone who could benefit from this experience, come forward. We would love to have you on board.”

Mrs Sheehan said the competition was open to people aged 18 years and above, male or female, who live in the Hilltops region.

She said there are information packs at the Young Visitor Information Centre for those considering their involvement. The competition guidelines can also be downloaded from the National Cherry Festival website: