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Protect your water supply

Aug 6, 2020

As we experience cold weather and below zero morning temperatures, Council are urging residents to cover their water meter with a bag, towel or blanket to avoid frozen pipes.

Frozen water meters can lead to broken pipes and loss of water to your property. This simple measure can prevent any damage and ensure continued supply of water.

This is especially important for those water meters that do not have a cover.
Cold weather can freeze water within the pipe which prevents water flowing through the plumbing system and into your house. This can damage the water meter, cause pipes to break and stop water flow.
When a pipe breaks Council must attend the property to repair the break. This will cause a disruption to water supply in the area and unnecessary cost to rate payers.

If you require any further information please contact Hilltops Council on 1300 445 586. Council thank residents for their cooperation in this matter.

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