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Road closures

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Road closures and/or detours caused by adverse weather events throughout the Hilltops Region will be listed here:


Hilltops Council Road Closures Wednesday 29 March, as at 3.17pm. Please never drive or walk through floodwaters.

Harden area road closures

Linden Road at the Studbrook causeway Open
Fairview Road creek crossing Open
Lynwood Road Cunningar Open
Cunningar Road at Barwang Creek One lane open


Additional Road Closure Information

We ask all motorists in the Hilltops to drive with caution and obey traffic control signage and road closures when in place on various roads around the region.

For updates,

Please exercise extreme caution on all roads and do not attempt to cross flood water.

During the time of road closure, users are reminded that;

  • They may be liable for any damage that they cause to a road that is closed or to their vehicle.
  • Travelling on roads covered with water is extremely dangerous and should be avoided.
  • Road conditions can change without warning and drivers should travel with caution.
  • Unsealed roads damage very easily when they are wet and only essential journeys should be undertaken until these roads dry out.
  • Repairs to damaged roads are not usually possible until both the roads and gravel stockpiles begin to dry out.
  • Council prioritises repairs with higher trafficked roads usually receiving attention first.

During rain and flood events Hilltops Council staff continue to inspect roads and collect information to update road bulletins at regular intervals. Please note, this information is not exhaustive, it is only current at the time of posting, and should be regarded as a guide only. Motorists may experience different conditions on site to those reported above. As such motorists are reminded to undertake their own assessment as to the level of risk associated with driving on the roads within the Hilltops Council area at this time. Roads and road surfaces may be wet or covered with water at culverts and causeways. Motorists are reminded to drive to the road conditions, obey road signs at all times and proceed with extreme caution.


For after hours Roads Emergencies please contact:

Eastern Council Area (former Boorowa LGA) 0428 851 083
Western Council Area (former Young LGA) 0427 701 262
Southern Council Area (former Harden LGA) 0408 935 382