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Spillway closed due to safety concerns

Sep 18, 2020

Council have identified a slip hazard on the flume spillway at the rear of Chinaman’s Dam in Young

Due to recent rain, the dams are both full which is causing constant water to flow across the concrete spillway at the rear dam on the north western end of the recreational area. The spillway usually allows pedestrian access to cross the dam wall. This is now a dangerous path.

Hilltops Council General Manager Anthony O’Reilly did not hesitate to close the spillway to the public when advised of the hazard “The concrete is now covered in agal slime that is extremely slippery. This is cause for concern as a simple fall could see someone fall into the water on either side of the spillway. The safety of our residents and visitors is paramount;” he said.

The service access gate between Chinaman’s Dam and Sawpit Gully will now be locked and closed to the public. The area is fenced to prevent pedestrian access across the spillway.

The only established walkway between Chinaman’s Dam and Sawpit Gully is the one to the west of the amenities block and remains open.