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State recognition for Hilltops Library Young Branch

Dec 24, 2018

The NSW Public Libraries Association 2017-18 Annual Report features an innovative program devised and run by Hilltops Library Young branch.

Under the title, Creating Connections, the ‘Take 5 on Friday’ concerts that run weekly in the Hilltops Library Young branch are used as an example of libraries building strong connections in their communities through hosting a variety of events and programs.

This Hilltops Council program was the only one selected from other library events in the South West Zone.
The 2017/2018 report states:

“The Young branch at Hilltops Libraries introduced ‘Take 5 on Friday’ concerts in July 2017 to provide a different experience and attract new visitors to the library. Between 12.30pm and 1pm each Friday, the children’s area was converted into a studio where almost 100 of the region’s talented entertainers, aged between seven and 83 years, generously donated their time to the program. Around 45 uplifting and joyful performances, including solos, duets, choirs and ensembles presenting classical, pop, jazz and bush poetry were enjoyed by grateful audiences during the year. At the Hilltops Libraries Young branch, while Friday lunch may not be conducive to quiet reflection or research requiring intense concentration, it does engage our patrons in a program which is beneficial in so many ways.”

The report is written in past tense, however the Young concert series continues to this day.

The ‘Take 5 on Friday’ free weekly event has now run for 18 months, providing 67 concerts to the people of the Hilltops region. It concluded for 2018 on December 21, with a Christmas party for performers and audience members.

Since its inception there have been some significant milestones along the way for the library team:

  • A performance at ‘Take 5 on Friday’ is now a requirement for Young Regional School of Music 2019 scholarship students.
  • One performer composed a “Take 5 at the Library” song and travelled from Sydney to take part.
  • Another library located in a nearby shire responded to the Young event by implementing their own concert program during warmer months, on a fortnightly basis, in their outdoor area.

The Hilltops Library Young branch look forward to delivering an exciting program of ‘Take 5 on Friday’ events in 2019 and beyond.

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