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Young Aquatic Centre Community Consultation

Jul 17, 2018

Hilltops Council have engaged Facility Design Group to prepare a master plan for the Young Aquatic Centre. As part of this project, Facility Design Group will be undertaking a community consultation program to inform the development of the master plan for the upgrade of the Aquatic Centre.

The purpose of the community consultation is to seek the views and ideas for all participants on the current proposed concept design that was previously prepared for the Young Aquatic Centre and provide feedback on the key issues that should be considered in upgrading this facility in the future.

This consultation process is intended to be used to inform the designers of the key issues that will need to be considered when developing the final design for the upgrade and where necessary highlight a staged upgrade process for the future.

Members of the community are welcome to come and meet the project designers and express their views and ideas for Council consideration. The results of consultation will be presented to Council to enable them to have an appreciation of the implementations and changes that should be considered in future for upgrading. The community meeting will be held on Monday 6 August 2018, 7pm in the LEOC room at Hilltops Council’s Young Office. All community members are invited to come along and share their ideas.

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