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Young Aquatic Centre open tomorrow

Oct 11, 2019

Council advise that the Young Aquatic Centre will be open and operational for the 2019 swimming season as scheduled tomorrow, Saturday 12 October 2019.

Council would like to assure the community that public safety is paramount, as such all asbestos contaminated material has been removed from the site.  The contractor has an environmental hygienist monitoring air quality and there has been no airborne asbestos detected. This means there is no foreign material in the water. Additionally, the pool filtration system has been operating for some time and this will filter any particles that may not be measured. Please note that there is no danger to the public while the work continues.

Temporary shower and toilet facilities will be in operation for approximately eight weeks after opening while work on the new facilities is completed. Council is working closely with its contractors to keep the use of the temporary facilities to a minimum length of time.

Works will also be occurring to complete the new splash pool and splash pad in early 2020.

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