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Draft plans, policies & procedures on display

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As part of its decision-making processes, Hilltops Council frequently places significant proposed changes of policy or direction on public exhibition to invite comment from the community, before a final decision is taken.

Other opportunities to engage with Council are presented when Council seeks ‘expressions of interest’ on a proposal.

On this page, you can find details of a number of items which are open for public comment or seeking expressions of interest, along with:

  • links to find more information or download documents.
  • the deadline for making a comment/submission or expressing an interest.
  • details of how to make a public submission or community comment.

Council invites submissions in writing to or Locked Bag 5, Young NSW 2594.

Policies/Plans currently on display:

Council is currently seeking comment on the following Draft Policies for a period of 28 days:

Draft Credit Card Policy

Draft Enterprise Risk Management Policy

Draft Debt Recovery and Financial Hardship Policy

Draft Investment Policy

These Draft Policies can be accessed via the Hilltops Council website and at Council Offices in Boorowa, Harden and Young.

Feedback on these policies is invited until 12pm Thursday 28 July 2022 and should be addressed to the General Manager via email to or by mail to Locked Bag 5 Young NSW 2594.

Amended Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA)

At its ordinary meeting of 22 June 2022, Hilltops Council endorsed for public notification purposes the release of an amended Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) and an associated Deed of Variation for the Galong Limestone Operations.

The amendments seek to update the existing VPA in accordance with the most recent modification for development consent, which was endorsed by Council in March 2019.

This includes reflecting the approved increase in haulage rates and contributions towards maintaining affected local roads.

The amendments also ensure the VPA sustains a contribution from the operator towards the Galong community as well as the continuation of the Galong VPA Committee.

This committee will continue to advise Hilltops Council on the effective use of this contribution to the betterment of the local area.

Council also endorsed the development of a new Terms of Reference to provide greater certainty to the community, Council and committee members on the committee’s roles and responsibilities.

The amended Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) and associated Deed of Variation is now available for review and comment until Friday, 22 July 2022.